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There was a day not long ago where software engineers were known for their introverted nature. We tended to speak our own unique language that was impossible for the common man to understand. You tell us what you want (or better yet write it down) and then we disappear and bring you back the software of your dreams...right...well that's how it was supposed to go. At Integrity, we acknowledge and embrace that the right way to build software is with you. No one knows your business like you do and together, our software engineers will walk hand-in-hand with you to build software that truly fits your needs.

What Makes Us Different

You will see a dramatic difference in how we go about the business of "selling" you software consulting services. At Integrity Inspired Solutions, we are driven to assist our customers to understand technology and how it can help their business achieve it's goals. It's about how we can help you achieve your goals and NOT about how you can help us achieve ours.

Contact Us today and experience the difference of working with a professional who values their Integrity more than "closing the deal".

Leading By Example

At Integrity Inspired Solutions, we pride ourselves on our ability to "pour" ourselves into our customer's staff of software engineers. With consultants on staff who have years of experience in mentoring and teaching other's their trade, our customer's quickly find their company's ability to produce software using their own resources increase exponentially. Let Integrity Inspired Solutions partner with your staff on how to collaborate effectively as a team, how to be transparent and clear with their work, and how to build quality software that will last for years to come.

About Us

  • 2012

    Beginning Of Our Journey

    After having successfully started a Microsoft division at a growing consulting firm in Kansas City, owner Travis Dietz found himself longing for the opportunity to provide value in a more hands-on way. Fred Pryor Seminars became our first client and Integrity Inspired Solutions found it's legs assisting with their transition to an agile environment using Lean principles and Kanban.

  • 2014

    Phil Joins The Team

    Phil's ability to mentor and his style of servant leadership that he has modeled throughout his career fit perfectly with the direction the company is traveling.

Meet Our Team


Sep 9
Sep 9

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Before application development was a common business practice, we had the database. The role of the database in organizations was to store tabular data in a ledger or Rolodex style.  You would ask the database questions about the data that it stored, and it would tell you the answer, thus giving rise to names like […]

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Jun 3
Jun 3

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