• Have you ever explained to a manager that your team could only deliver one feature by next week, not two, and asked them to prioritize?
  • Have you ever had to explain dependency injection a dozen times in the process of adopting it at your organization?
  • Have you used the phrase “impedance mismatch” in casual conversation?
  • Do you keep track of your work with sticky notes on a board?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” or you can imagine questions very much like those to which you could answer “yes,” you might be a good fit for our current opening for a Consultant at Integrity.

We’re looking for a team leader, a mentor, and a solid coder who can not only produce a quality product but is capable of advising teams and clients and guiding them into high-performance software engineering and workflow practices.  In exchange for your talents, you’ll get the opportunity to work with various clients in the Kansas City area on a variety of projects as well as being part of a team that helps each other to learn and grow just as much as we do with our clients.

In the process of getting in the trenches to help our clients solve their software development problems, you’ll be bringing to their organizations good software engineering practices such as:

  • TDD
  • SOLID principles
  • Coding to abstractions
  • Design patters
  • O/RMs
  • Dependency injection

In addition, you’ll be doing your part at the team level helping your fellow developers:

  • Break work into incrementally deliverable MVPs
  • Swarm
  • Manage flow
  • Keep metrics
  • Retrospect and improve

All of this while seeing the world!  Well, seeing Kansas City.  Well, seeing the development shops of some of the companies in Kansas City.  Maybe I should have just left this line out.

If you are that rare mixture of leader, teacher, mentor, and coder, then we have an opportunity where people will actually pay us to show them better ways of doing things.  If this kind of thing gets you jazzed, let us know you’re out there, because we can’t wait to meet you.