I have a great idea for an app, and I need help building it

Maybe you're an individual who knows your industry well and has an idea that could change everything. Maybe you're a startup with big plans of becoming the next Twitter or Facebook. Maybe you're a company that wants to add product sales to your revenue stream.


If you have an idea for an app, Integrity Inspired's teams can take you straight from the thoughts in your head to a market launch.

Product Planning

Maybe you're just at the idea stage. Maybe you've got a well-defined idea of what you want, but you aren't sure it'll sell. Maybe you're committed to building your software, but you aren't sure of the best roadmap to follow.

Integrity offers a specific product ideation process to help you:

  • Focus the product on your end users

  • Get your arms around your actual scope

  • Verify your assumptions before spending a lot of time and money

  • Define your first MVP (or two)

  • Start making money long before your app is complete

  • Lay out a roadmap that gets you to market quickly while identifying areas of risk and uncertainty long before they become issues


We'll walk with you through as much or as little of that process as you need to get your project started on the right foot.

Software Building

The amount of technology options open for application development is vast and growing every day. From the engaging screens to the not-as-interesting (but still necessary) data storage, Integrity has the expertise to pick the right technologies for your specific project.

Working closely with you on your priorities and design needs, Integrity will build an app focused on making your users awesome. We'll be validating our ideas constantly with your feedback and the feedback of your prospective market every step of the way.

We'll be using solid architectures, design principles, and coding practices, so when you hit the big time and feel like spinning up your own team of developers, you'll be able to continue working on the software with ease.

You won't get any surprises in the fine print over ownership, and the confidentiality of your idea will be strictly maintained. "Integrity" isn't just part of our name, and we will protect your idea and your welfare throughout the project just as we would our own.

Project Management

We can manage the entire project on our own or supplement your existing project management efforts. We regularly check priorities with you to make sure our team is working on the most valuable thing as you define it. We monitor project health through metrical analysis and simulations that regularly inform you when a feature or groups of features will be complete.

Not only do we have our own practices around project intelligence and team improvement, we can offer you a level of transparency, information, and flexibility with the project plan that is truly rare in our industry.


We can always build your software for you just like any other client, but maybe you're interested in having some industry partners in your project.  For select kinds of projects, Integrity can join your venture, sharing in the risk, the rewards, and the commitment.

We'll bring our expertise on how to build a successful product, and you bring your expertise about your idea, and we'll succeed together.