Core Values

Integrity Inspired has certain key values that we keep coming back to in order to guide how we engage with our clients and our employees:


Love (...)

We look out for the well-being of others, even if it may put us at a disadvantage.  If a particular problem arises, maintaining the relationship and being relational about it is more important than the problem, itself.



No one should be punished for being transparent or for trying to solve a problem and failing.  We learn and grow best when people can safely try experiments and safely be fully honest.



The fastest way to adapt to issues is to raise them as quickly and honestly as possible with all parties concerned.  Transparency is a key part of building a relationship of trust and mutual accountability.



No improvement can happen without acknowledging that one has room to grow and no one has all the answers.  All of us can be improved in our thinking, our actions, and our products, so collaboration and feedback are not only welcome, but vital.



The best solutions and the highest productivity come from people working together toward a common goal.  The team is the unit that produces and improves.  The more collaboration that exists between us and our clients, the less risk there is in the project.  Teams produce stronger solutions more quickly and more safely than disconnected individuals.



We keep our promises and don’t make promises we can’t keep.  We choose our commitments carefully and are fully committed to ones we make.  We do what we say we will, and what you see is what you get.  The fundamental desire for our actions to be consistent with our words brings all our other values into real experience.