I need line-of-business software

Whether you're a CEO, a department head, or just someone who has a great idea of how well-crafted software could supercharge the way you do your job, Integrity Inspired has the experience and expertise to automate your critical and complex business tasks.

Product Planning

Maybe you're at the idea stage. Maybe you've got a well-defined idea of what you want, but you aren't sure the benefits outweigh the risks. Maybe you're committed to building your software, but you aren't sure of the best roadmap to follow.

Integrity offers a specific product ideation process to help you:

  • Focus the product on your end users and getting their tasks done

  • Identify non-software solutions to improving your processes

  • Get your arms around your actual scope

  • Verify your assumptions before spending a lot of time and money

  • Define your first MVP (or two)

  • Lay out a roadmap that maximizes the value you get up front while identifying areas of risk and uncertainty


We'll walk with you through as much or as little of that process as you need to get your project started on the right foot.

Software Building

We build software for many different verticals in several different tech stacks. We can handle the entire development cycle - from requirements to deployment - or just plug into the stages where you need us.

Project Management

We can manage the entire project on our own or supplement your existing project management efforts.  We regularly check priorities with you to make sure our team is working on the most valuable thing as you define it.  We monitor project health through metrical analysis and simulations that regularly inform you when a feature or groups of features will be complete.

Not only do we have our own practices around project intelligence and team improvement, we can offer you a level of transparency, information, and flexibility with the project plan that is truly rare in our industry.