Integrity teams up with your business to put software in your hands fast

What We Do

Application Development

Application Strategizing

Agile Coaching

Have an idea for an app but don’t know where to start? We can help you find the shortest path for turning your idea into the final product.

Let us coach you and your teams on Lean and Agile operations using tried and tested practices, not theories, frameworks, or templates.

Whether you need an application for running your business or getting a product to market quickly, we partner with you every step of the way to develop the software you need.

What Makes Us Different



Incremental Delivery

Strong Mentoring

Leveraging metrics-driven production allows us to continually forecast project timelines, discuss impacts, determine probabilities, and lets us discover areas of improvement.

We work with you to identify and complete the most valuable parts of your project first to begin realizing immediate value and receive quick feedback.

We encourage your changes and actively solicit your feedback to produce better software quickly without jeopardizing project timelines.

We can provide the tools and training necessary for teaching your teams to work in this way.

What You Get

Software You Actually Need

Fast Delivery

High Quality

We’ll get your software’s features into your hands early and often through our combination of incremental delivery and delivery optimization processes.

Our automated test-driven practices, incremental delivery, and short feedback loops help ensure bugs will not reach your customers.

Your deep involvement and rapid feedback means you get the best software for your goals, not a list of requirements you signed for a year ago.

Low Risk

Experienced Guidance

We Make You Better

Utilizing metrics based production paired with incremental delivery, you will always have insight into the project's delivery timeline as well as working software throughout the lifespan of the project, not just at the end.

Incorporate as many of our tools and practices as you want for use in your own organization to improve your responsiveness, speed, and predictability.

We know how to make a software project successful and will help you get there.  We don't just write your code; we consult and strategize to help you come up with the best product, the best architecture, and the best roadmap possible.

Some Of Our Happy Customers

Staples Promotional Products
Ryan Lawn and Tree
Swiss Re
Moonshot Innovations
New Frontier Technologies
Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

"When we contracted Phil Ledgerwood and Integrity Inspired Solutions, we were looking for help discerning and implementing the best software option for our company.  We have been delighted with Phil’s expertise and insights, as well as the conclusions he helped us reach. We are well on our way to a more efficient system that is geared toward growth!


Phil’s ability to see our business goals during this process should not be overlooked.  At every step, he had our best interests/needs at heart."

-Debbie Bruce, Office Administrator Ryan Lawn & Tree


Integrity Inspired Solutions

Overland Park, Kansas

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