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MVP Planning

Turn your great idea into a profitable plan

So you have a great product idea, and you want to know how to make it a reality—or even if making it a reality is worth it. But how can you figure out if your idea will be successful without a full investment? Integrity MVP (Minimal Viable Product) planning works with you to turn your idea into an insightful and practical strategy so you can start learning from users right away and plan for the future without taking on the risk of the whole software development project now.

By end of our MVP planning process, you'll know:

  • The vision behind the first MVP

  • What types of users this MVP will serve

  • What users will be able to accomplish

  • What features will be done

  • Basic cost and time estimate

  • Factors for determining success

  • How we will get and measure the information to determine success

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Put your product in users' hands right away by delivering value from day one

Many projects fail because they're built one fragmented piece at a time and produce one big delivery at the end when the product is "complete." The problem with this approach is that by the time you deliver, you've made large investments based on incorrect assumptions of what users actually need. If user testing only begins when the project is complete, the inevitable adjustments that come from feedback can cause major delays and additional large investments.

MVP planning focuses your project on addressing the core need of your user and building upon that solution. User feedback is gathered as the product is built, creating ample opportunity to adjust at a lower risk. This way, your product will be user-focused from the start, continually improving based on user feedback and leading to a product truly revolving around user experience.

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Tell us about your technology goals.

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