Integrity has a mission to take its human-centered approach to the larger software development community, including those who are creating it. At the center of our company’s culture are our core values of love, safety, transparency, humility, teamwork, and integrity.

The type of people we look for:

  • Strongly desires to work in a team-first, "got each other's back" environment

  • Enjoys frequent collaboration with clients and co-workers

  • Likes to make their co-workers look good

  • Believes maintaining good relationships is more important than being right

  • Thinks the Integrity Core Values are what they want to promote and live by professionally

  • Knows how to challenge respectfully and does so all the time


Why you'll love our team:

  • You won't work on things alone

  • We think consistent overtime hours is a sign of organizational dysfunction

  • We assume employees are ethical adults who want to work and do well

  • We set timelines according to a team's speed—not the other way around

  • We offer good benefits, competitive salaries, and regular bonus opportunities


Our team is growing again, and we are currently looking to hire another consultant! Drop us a line below and let’s have a conversation!

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