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Careers at Integrity

A company by programmers, for programmers

Being a software developer should be about analytical thinking, creativity and problem-solving—not dodging the dysfunctions that are all too common in software development. Integrity was created as a direct response to those dysfunctions. We saw the lack of accountability, broken trust, misguided priorities, and low morale and said, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”  


Welcome to a software development experience done better.

A team that has your back

As a developer at Integrity, you'll never work on things alone. We tackle problems as a team, and team members are accountable to each other. We not only do this because we think it's the best, most efficient way to build features, but also because we believe it improves the working experience of developers.

Sustainable pace

Too many software developers have been a victim of the unhealthy pressure of unrealistic timelines. That's why we set timelines according to a team's speed—not the other way around. Plus, our developers work a 40-hour workweek. We want overtime to be a rare exception, not an expectation.

Started by programmers,
for programmers

Our owners designed Integrity to be a great environment for software developers to work. All of systems and processes were organized with developers in mind so their jobs can be as friction-free as possible.

Software Developer - Consultant

Overland Park, KS

Join a software development team that works together to solve complex problems that make businesses better at what they do.

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