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Our Story

We became the change we wanted to see in the software development industry

Integrity Inspired Solutions was founded in 2012.


Prior to that time, partners Phil Ledgerwood and Travis Dietz worked together for a consulting company in Kansas City. It was there they worked with some of the most progressive Lean and Agile software developers in town. The group constantly pushed each other to learn new patterns and practices - whatever valuable thing they could share to help solve clients’ problems.


After leaving that company, Travis and Phil kept in touch. As they worked with other companies, they began to see that the practices and processes they had forged not only increased the efficiency and quality of software development, they actually began to create new relationships based on trust and cooperation. They even repaired trust relationships at clients that had been damaged for years. This way of working moved from simply a way of better software production to a mission - a mission to make everyone’s lives better, not just with the end software product, but also the process through which the software was developed.


As Travis and Phil discovered other like-minded developers, it became clear that this mission could be a reality, and Integrity Inspired was born, quickly assembling a small group of senior-level consultants.


At the time, Integrity consultants would go work at a client’s site and embed with their existing software development teams. After reading Richard Sheridan’s book Joy, Inc, Travis and Phil were inspired to create the software development environment for their employees that they were always trying to create at client sites.  Office space was secured in 2017, and Integrity was able to double in size and focus on “being the change.”


Today, Integrity builds software for a variety of clients in a variety of industries but still keeps the same unique characteristics and focus that have always been a part of their DNA: Lean/Agile processes, keeping collaboration and relationships first, and looking out for the welfare of others.  The mission is still very much alive as they work with clients in this way and pass along their ways of working to others.

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