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Software Development

Build the right solution with a team you can rely on

From products for the open market to line-of-business applications for automating your business processes, we can develop your software in the tech stack that's right for your project. Our combination of a collaborative, quick feedback approach with metrics-driven project planning means you get the software you want quickly and you’ll always know when to expect things to get done.

Features in your hands fast


We don't wait until the end of the project to show you what we've worked on. We deliver features as they're made so you can work with them and give feedback when it matters most.


The right technology for your business

Your problem deserves more than a one-size-fits-all solution. We find and use the right technology to most appropriately suit your needs, now and in the future.



Our industry-leading metrics and projections mean no more wondering how long things will take or when things will be done. You'll always have the information and freedom you need to make investment decisions throughout the lifespan of the project.



The more minds focused on a problem, the better the solution will be. That's why we incorporate high levels of collaboration within our teams as well as with our clients. This ensures projects stay focused on goals and are executed in the best way possible.

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A software team's best asset:

Imagine being able to see the future and make smart decisions based on it. We're not claiming to be psychics, but we do have the next best thing: predictability.

Integrity's team delivers a constant stream of information about project health throughout the feature delivery process. This enables early communication about timeline variance, focus on outliers that can detract from goals, and the ability to more accurately set expectations with projections based on actual deliverables rather than estimates.

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Experience the value of Agile done right

Effective change management

Change is inevitable in almost any software development project. And while changing up the plan in the middle of a project may seem like a big deal, that's no longer the case with continuous delivery and ongoing iteration. We segment the design, development, and feedback into small, frequent deliveries so that change doesn't affect the entire project and hijack timelines and budgets.

Frequent client-team interaction

You know your business better than anyone from the outside. That's why we leverage your insight not only during the planning process, but also (and even more importantly) throughout the development of the project. Our work follows your feedback—not our assumptions.


Transparency is a key part of building a relationship of trust and mutual accountability. We believe in the power of transparency so much that we made it one of our core values! When everyone, from stakeholders to developers, is on the same page, all parties know what is being done, when, why, and who is responsible for making what decisions. Clients have complete visibility from the very beginning of the project all the way to the final delivery. If any issues come up, they're able to be addressed as quickly and honestly as possible.

A better product in the end

Our small-batch delivery means more feedback, and more feedback means more opportunities to make the product better. That, on top of frequent testing in every phase of the project and the ability to safely experiment with creative solutions, establishes a continuously improving product and team.

Tell us about your technology goals.

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