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Agile Coaching

We help your team deliver better, faster

The landscape is changing for every single business. Market trends and competitors are moving faster than ever and it can be difficult to adjust. The ways of working that may have been effective twenty or more years ago simply don’t cut it today. Everyone, whether they develop software or not, could use some help improving how quickly they respond to change.

Integrity Inspired has used Lean and Agile principles for years. We've learned to harness what works well and what doesn't work so well. Every organization is as different as the people who make them up, and what works well for one company may not necessarily work for yours. One size does not fit all, and that applies especially to processes and practices. This is why our coaches work with a variety of organization sizes and verticals and stages in their life cycle.

Whether you need an informal sounding-board or direct, hands-on, in-the-trenches process changes, Integrity has been there before and can help you through it. 

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"How do I know I need an Agile coach?"

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You want to increase your team's efficiency of delivery

Integrity Overview (Instagram Post) (3).png

You want to find and address the things slowing your team down

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Your team frequently misses deadlines

Integrity Overview (Instagram Post) (3).png

You tried Scrum or some other Agile process and it didn't work

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You feel like your team has plateaued and you need fresh ideas

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You want to make sure you're leading your software development team in the right direction

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You're doing something new in your software development efforts and you want to set a good foundation for success

Coaching plans that fit your unique goals

Agile Coaching

Leaning up your operations and becoming more agile isn't something that can happen in a couple of days. It's a process of incremental improvement that pays off big as you go.

Like any other journey, you may not know how to get started. You may not know the best path to take. You may not know how to deal with the different snags and obstacles that come up for everyone.

It can be a big help to have someone at your side who has made this trip many times.

Our coaches are not gurus on the mountain giving out lofty teachings to the common folk; they are people who have simply traveled further down the road you both are on, and they can tell you where the curves will get tricky or where the closest service station is if you get a flat tire.

Coaching engagements are as different as the organizations who use them, ranging all the way from periodic Q&A sessions dealing with the things that happened since the last session all the way to routine, daily involvement with your organization. We're here to provide some experienced help, as much as want, when you need it.

Agile Assessments

There are plenty of surveys and checklists you can get off the Internet to assess the agility of your teams or organization.  One or two of them are even pretty good!  However, they all depend on a standardized list of questions and scale that may not fit your situation very well.

Our consultants will spend time with your teams and your managers learning how you work, how your industry works, and observing your actual behaviors.  The assessment we produce will be customized specifically for you detailing what things are going well, what areas present risks, and advice for improvements - concrete, detailed, actionable recommendations that go above and beyond vague advice.

Workshops and Training

Sometimes, organizations are brand new to their agility journey and could use some foundational education to get started on the right foot. Sometimes, you have a specific area that could use some intensive work. Sometimes, you want to train up your own agile coaches. And, sometimes, you just need to see something in action to really make sense of the concept.

Integrity can put together training and workshops that range all the way from coming to our office to see how we do things to hands-on intensives at your site around a list of topics of your own choosing.


All our training content comes from actual experience with our company and the other companies we've helped. We take a pragmatic "whatever works" approach geared toward giving you new tools to put into practice. We want everyone leaving our workshops ready to do something different, not just know something different.

Tell us about your technology goals.

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