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Unlock Your Automation Advantages

Automation in promotional products distribution is the key to streamlining repetitive tasks, enhancing operational efficiency, and ultimately, empowering businesses to meet growing demands with minimal manual intervention.

Explore the innovation opportunities for promotional product distribution

Automate workflows

Find the best vendor pricing

Automate routine tasks such as order confirmation, invoicing, and reporting, freeing up resources for strategic initiatives and creative endeavors.

Efficiently compare and analyze vendor pricing, ensuring they can make informed decisions to secure the most competitive deals for their products

Automate product categorization

Standardized data formats can enable automated classification based on product attributes, reducing manual effort, ensuring accurate product placement, and improving your customers' shopping experience.

Easily collaborate with suppliers

From onboarding to order placement to product discounting—communication with your suppliers becomes a seamless and efficient process with the use of PromoStandards.

Leverage AI and machine learning

Get real-time supply chain visibility

Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms with PromoStandards can automate decision-making processes, optimize pricing strategies, and enhance customer service through chatbots and virtual assistants.

Enable real-time visibility into the supply chain, allowing distributors to track orders, shipments, and inventory levels, resulting in improved order accuracy and on-time delivery.

And more! The possibilities are endless.

PromoStandards opens the door to a realm of innovation possibilities for your business. And with Integrity as your partner, we're here to help you find the right custom solutions to propel your business forward. 

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