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Favorite Healthcare Staffing

More Than Staff Augmentation: How Integrity Inspired Solutions Transformed Favorite Healthcare Staffing’s In-House Software Into A Powerful SaaS Platform


Favorite Healthcare Staffing, a leading national healthcare staffing agency, partnered with Integrity Inspired Solutions to refashion their internal scheduling system into a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that could be accessible to healthcare facilities and organizations in need of temporary staffing solutions. This case study highlights the challenges faced by Favorite Healthcare Staffing and how Integrity Inspired Solutions successfully addressed them to deliver a powerful and efficient solution.

The Challenge

Favorite Healthcare Staffing faced several critical challenges while envisioning their new scheduling platform:


Scalability and Usability: They needed a solution that could accommodate multiple tenants without simply repurposing their existing system. The new platform required a user-friendly interface and better system response times to improve user experience.


Enhanced Capabilities: The agency desired to incorporate predictive analytics and other advanced features into the new system to stay ahead of the competition.


Concurrent Development Capacity: While focusing on the new platform, Favorite Healthcare Staffing still had ongoing projects on their in-house software. They required the ability to continue delivering updates to the existing system simultaneously.

Diverse Skill Sets: To ensure the success of the project, the agency sought additional developers with fresh perspectives to address existing issues and prevent reiteration of current struggles in the new system.

The Solution

Integrity Inspired Solutions devised a comprehensive approach to tackle the challenges faced by Favorite Healthcare Staffing:


Gradual Team Expansion: The collaboration began with one Integrity consultant, and over time, the number of consultants increased to five. Favorite Healthcare Staffing also hired new developers to supplement their existing team.


Unified Team Effort: As the new platform took shape, Integrity's consultants and Favorite's in-house developers merged into one large, cohesive team, promoting collaboration and efficient progress.


Agile and Lean Practices: Integrity introduced Agile and Lean methodologies to the project, implementing pull systems like Kanban to eliminate bottlenecks and conducting process improvement activities such as retrospectives to enhance productivity.

Metrics and Forecasting: Integrity leveraged its expertise in metrics and forecasting, aiding in projecting the launch date of the new platform more than a year in advance. This information was valuable for the marketing team's planning.

The Result

The collaborative efforts between Favorite Healthcare Staffing and Integrity Inspired Solutions yielded remarkable results:


On-Time Launch: The new SaaS platform was successfully launched to the general public approximately a year and a half after the project's initiation, aligning with the projected timeline.


Enhanced UI and Performance: The user interface underwent rigorous testing for ease of use, and the system exhibited remarkably fast processing times. During load testing, the platform's efficiency was evident, necessitating upgrades to data stores and machines to handle the high-speed and high-volume processing capabilities.


Simultaneous Development: Throughout the project, Favorite Healthcare Staffing managed to continue development on their in-house system, ensuring no disruptions to ongoing projects.

The Conclusion

Integrity Inspired Solutions played a crucial role in transforming Favorite Healthcare Staffing's internal scheduling system into a cutting-edge SaaS platform. By increasing Favorite Healthcare’s development capacity, implementing Agile and Lean practices, facilitating team collaboration, and providing valuable metrics, Integrity enabled Favorite Healthcare Staffing to achieve their goals efficiently and deliver a groundbreaking solution to the healthcare staffing industry.

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