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Integrity & Staples Promotional Products

A big-picture look into long-term, strategic partnership between Integrity Inspired Solutions and Staples Promotional Products


Implementing A Continuously Improving IT Division

At the forefront of the promotional products industry, Staples Promotional Products stands out with its design expertise, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, all aimed at delivering an unparalleled promotional products experience for their customers. 


Integrity's partnership with them goes beyond business; it's a commitment to lasting success. Integrity's teams have collaborated closely with Staples Product Owners, Business Analysts, Business Users, and Management to drive essential strategic initiatives that have propelled Staples Promo toward its digital objectives. And Integrity's role isn't limited to project execution. We also offer strategic guidance to other teams within Staples Promo, provide architectural expertise for enterprise-wide systems, and play a vital role in shaping the internal Agile culture.


Explore case studies of some of our collaborative projects and shared expertise on this page.

Other Ways We've Helped


Integrity's team delivered a constant stream of information about project health throughout the delivery process. This enabled early communication about timeline variance, focus around outliers that were distracting from original goals, and the ability to more accurately set expectations with projections based on actual deliverables rather than estimates.

Team Communication

Integrity implemented a swarming approach to developing features, which is common in most Lean-Agile software teams. While this practice tends to be seen most clearly in the developer portion of a team, Integrity encouraged Staples' teams to share responsibilities for delivery across all areas of the features. This allowed Staples' teams to decide internally the most efficient way to deliver features. This also decreased the amount of time that the business waited for features to be delivered and increased levels of collaboration and trust within Integrity teams.

Architectural Oversight

Integrity provided leadership in Staples' effort to move to a microservice architecture, replace legacy systems, and move to a cloud environment. Integrity brought together individual developers, infrastructural resources, and IT leaders to build a consensus around the path forward and help teams stay consistent with those decisions.

Technical Consulting

Because Integrity has more exposure to current practices, it was tasked with many of Staples' new software endeavors. Even when not the selected team for the work, Integrity provided oversight or direction to other teams on their solutions. Staples used the knowledge gained from Integrity consultants to keep their system modernized to both their business users as well as development staff.


Integrity often has available developers who can be added to a team on a short-term basis and assist with immediate needs. This flexibility allowed Staples to keep up with the speed of their business needs without taking on the long-term overhead associated with hiring additional employees. They were able to keep up the high quality that their customers expected while bringing in the right solution for their short-term needs.

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