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Say Hello To Integrity's New Brand

Integrity Inspired Solutions is sporting a new look, and we are excited to share all about it with our friends in the community!

Integrity has come a long way since its beginnings in 2012 with owners Travis Dietz and Phil Ledgerwood. From the days of on-site development teams to when we began offering our services in our own office, Integrity has always stayed true to its DNA: Lean/Agile processes, keeping collaboration and relationships first, and looking out for the welfare of others.

We’re taking those same principles into our future as we look at Integrity’s next chapter. We have big, exciting plans for Integrity, and this rebrand is only the beginning.

Why the Rebrand?

In the summer of 2019, Travis and Phil went on a "vision quest." They had built a company that was doing fine, but they had a sense there was even more on the horizon for what Integrity could become.

Traveling to Ann Arbor, Michigan, they spent some focused time with ZingTrain learning how to explore what they really wanted for their company and create a picture for the future. This picture—full of things like greater community involvement and expanded service offerings—charged them up as well as all the Integrity employees. Everyone pulled together to start building this future.

But then COVID-19 hit. Offices were locked down. Teams were separated. Clients began to go into survival mode, and to an extent, so did Integrity. The passion for pursuing the company's grand vision started to take a backseat to the basic fundamentals of making sure clients and employees were taken care of.

These circumstances haven't completely gone away, but Travis and Phil were determined not to allow the company's progress to stall out. They still believed in the vision and still wanted to create the company they had described in it. They wanted the employees to know that the vision was still the company's primary driving force.

So, when everyone else was trying to reduce their office footprint, Integrity moved into a new, bigger office space that would facilitate more of the things described in the vision. When everyone else was reducing their staff, Integrity was hiring.

From these troubled times, a renewed, recommitted company was emerging, ready to continue to build the "world" the company founders wanted to see. That's what this rebranding effort is all about.

With our vision in mind, we decided it was time to look at Integrity’s identity and make changes to better reflect our growth and vision while keeping what makes us Integrity.

After much thought, research, analysis, and talks with some of our clients, we feel the rebranding of Integrity will enable us to expand upon our services, accomplish goals for community impact, develop new client relationships, and deliver on our vision.

Our New Logo

Our original black “double I” logo has served us well since our founding in 2012. But with an exciting new vision, we needed an exciting new visual representation to match.

When thinking about a new logo, we knew we wanted to convey Integrity’s trustworthiness, dependability, and transparency. And our new logo does just that.

The Integrity logo has multiple meanings behind its clean and simple design. The “I” clearly signifies the company name, but the girder-like structure within the “I” emphasizes reliability and trustworthiness. The subtle arrow shapes give a sense of collaboration (and, of course, allude to <code> tags).

We moved away from the monochromatic black and white in the old logo and chose a more engaging color scheme. Compared with the old black and white, the midnight blue in the new logo conveys strength and sophistication, while the aqua of the “I” shape adds a fun and friendly pop of color.

Even though the company name is Integrity Inspired Solutions, the people who know us best just call us “Integrity,” and the new logo reflects this. “Inspired Solutions” has transitioned into a simple tagline. This new tagline opens the opportunity for us to emphasize other services we offer (e.g. Inspired Software, Inspired Training, Inspired Consulting, etc.).

Join Us On Our Journey

Over the past nine years, we’ve loved being a part of our clients’ journeys. Now, we want to invite you to be a part of ours. Follow Integrity on social media and join us as we reintroduce ourselves with our new brand!

Keep up with Integrity on social media!


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