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Squirrel Series Part I

Sometimes you feel like a nut...sometime you...well that did it.  That jingle will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Sorry about that...but I digress which I guess is the reason for this new blogging technique I'm going to explore. I have a very short attention span and tend to be distracted easily which I imagine we all suffer from to one degree or another.

I simply don't have the passion nor patience for writing that drives me to deliver excellent content to you in blog form :-)  When I do write, I spend about half the time writing too many words and the other half trimming at least 50% of those words back out. So here we are, simple thoughts that I will capture in short form like this and when there are a few, voila, a new squirrel series article will be born. Are they all software related...probably not but hopefully that will make for somewhat more enjoyable reading. Enjoy!


I'm selling a home right now. My realtor came over and put signs all over everything.

  • On the stone fireplace, he placed a placard stating it was a "Stone Fireplace".

  • On the stainless steel refrigerator, he taped a sign stating "Stainless steel refrigerator included".

  • On the back door where the patio and fire pit are, he wrote "Wonderful patio with fire pit".

I wonder what would happen if the real estate industry began to question the "business as usual" model that has existed for all of this time. I'm thinking there may be some revolutionary ideas in there somewhere that could be game changers if someone looked hard enough.


The key to losing weight isn't just working out or least past 35.  You have to watch what you eat too...especially those carbs. Simple sugars are out of control in our diets so stop eating them...that is all.


When looking for new talent, I am always drawn to those who I feel are vetting Integrity on whether we are a good fit for them just as much as I'm vetting them on whether they are a good fit for us.

That same principle should be applied to selection of a software consulting firm. Not every firm is right for the problem you are trying to solve.  Those doing software right are the ones that are analyzing your needs to determine if the services they provide are a good fit for the problem you are trying to solve. This as opposed to the salesman running around with "commission mouth" trying to mold their business to be whatever you need them to be.


If you are experiencing lower back pain, take Ibuprofen 4-4-3 for about a will give you your life back.  That being said, don't take it will eat you from the inside out and that's just gross.


Thanks for visiting and we'll see you next time.

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