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Easily make your product information accessible to some of the industry's largest distributors with PromoStandards-compatible product information.


Your Products In the Catalog of More Distributors

Easily make your product information accessible to some of the industry's largest distributors with PromoStandards-compatible product information.


Reach More Distributors

Making your product information PromoStandards compatible means your products are easily accessible to a larger distributor network that includes some of the largest players in the industry. Tap into new opportunities and increase your product visibility, ultimately driving growth and sales.


Streamline Communication With Distributors

PromoStandards compatibility simplifies the process of sharing product information with distributors. This streamlines operations, cuts down on the time it takes to onboard with a distributor, and minimizes errors in product information communication.

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Fulfill Orders More Consistently

PromoStandards-compatible product info allows for efficient management of inventory information, ensuring that both suppliers and distributors are working with the same, up-to-date information. This reduces the risk of overstocking or understocking and improves overall inventory management efficiency.

What is PromoStandards?

PromoStandards is a cutting-edge industry initiative that sets the standard for seamless data communication within the promotional products industry. It acts as a unifying framework that streamlines the exchange of vital information among suppliers, distributors, and service providers.


By adhering to the rigorous standards defined by PromoStandards, companies in the promotional products sector can ensure efficient and error-free interactions, from product data sharing to order processing. This industry-wide initiative serves as the backbone for modern e-commerce and integration, fostering transparency, consistency, and reliability in business operations.


Suppliers Without PromoStandards

Limited market reach

Without PromoStandards-compatible product info, suppliers face limited market reach, missing out on opportunities to showcase their products to a wide range of potential buyers and reducing potential sales.

Manual data entry and error risks

Non-compatible suppliers are burdened with time-consuming manual data entry, leading to error risks that can harm their reputation and frustrate customers.

Inefficiency and delays in order processing

Suppliers lacking PromoStandards-compatible product info may encounter inefficiencies in order processing, causing delays and potential dissatisfaction among distributors and end customers relying on standardized data for seamless order placement.

Suppliers With PromoStandards

Expanded market reach

PromoStandards-compatible product information opens doors to a wider network of distributors and potential customers, increasing visibility and sales opportunities through seamless integration.

Efficient data exchange

PromoStandards-compatible product info streamlines information exchange, resulting in faster order processing, reduced errors, and improved efficiency, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

Enhanced professionalism and trust

Suppliers with PromoStandards-compatible product info demonstrate professionalism, boosting their reputation and trust among distributors and customers, which leads to stronger relationships and increased brand trust.

How It Works

Step 1: Hassle-Free Data Collection

No matter where your product information resides, be it in databases, Excel files, or even on paper, our expert team dives deep to retrieve and organize it. We understand the uniqueness of every supplier's process, and we've mastered the art of collating data from diverse sources.

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Step 2: Precision Data Mapping

Your products deserve the spotlight. That's why we meticulously map every piece of data into the PromoStandards format, ensuring accuracy and clarity. With our state-of-the-art tools and seasoned professionals, your data undergoes a transformation, aligning perfectly with industry standards, making it ready for the world to see.

Step 3: Expansive Data Distribution

Bringing your products to the forefront of the market doesn't end with getting your data into the right structure. Our robust solutions propel your product information directly into the hands of distributors and their systems. Be seen, be integrated, and be accessible to those buyers who matter most.

We know the promotional products industry

As a full-service custom software development company, Integrity has over a decade of experience building software in the promotional products industry. We understand the challenges and nuances facing both suppliers and distributors and are committed to creating the right custom solutions for individual businesses' needs.

Check out some of our work for Staples Promotional Products, one of the industry's largest distributors.

Ready to expand your market reach with PromoStandards-compatible product info?

We can help.

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